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I'm a 24-year old college graduate who still doesn't know what he wants to be when he grows up. I'd love to get into voice acting, though.

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Haven't really put myself out there much...

But when I found out that there was a voice acting contest, and that the submissions had to be superhero-based, I HAD to create something. In the end, I took a scene from a story I've been working on (tenatively titled "Madmen") and voiced it. I originally wanted to give more information on the characters in the video description, but it wound up running kind of long, so I figured I'd put it in a news post instead.

Characters include:

Real Name:
Vincent Graft
Age: 36
Powers: Super strength, fast healing, short-range teleportation, armored skin, claws and fangs, tentacles.
Origin/Description: Once a two-bit thug, Graft was infected by a flesh-eating virus during a heist-gone-wrong at a government lab, and abandoned by his compatriots. Lab scientists managed to save him by injecting him with what they correctly believed to be a cure (recovered from the same UFO crash as the virus), but Graft had been damaged on a genetic level, and the cure was designed to restore damaged dna according to alien specifications. The result is that Graft is now an 8' 6" hunchbacked monster with green-black, chitin-plated skin; razor-sharp claws on his hands and ape-like feet; three tentacles protruding from his back; and a face like a noseless green jack'o'lantern.
Personality/Motivation: Cynical, angry, and suspicious, Tearror believes (perhaps correctly) that his "accidental" mutation was the result of a carefully planned conspiracy, and lashes out at those he deems as enemies with savage brutality. He has been known to literally tear foes limb from limb.

Real Name:
Newton Jennings
Age: 28
Powers/Origin: A bored, arrogant young genius, Newton's brain was somehow altered by a power surge while he was testing a device that would have allowed people to turn appliances on and off mentally, giving him the ability to control computers and other electrical devices with his mind. Calling himself Override, Jennings began using his powers to steal funds and materials to create new and interesting devices, mostly weapons and the like.
Description: Override usually wears goggles and a labcoat over khakis, sneakers, and a loud hawaiian shirt, and styles his long blonde hair into the shape of a lightning bolt.
Personality/Motivation: Somewhat sadistic and borderline sociopathic, Override is primarily motivated by trying to find ways to keep himself entertained.

Real Name:
Chester Green
Age: 19
Powers: Due to a genetic anomaly of unknown origins, Chester's core body temperature remains a constant -10º C no matter what the temperature is around him. In addition to rendering him immune to everything from hypothermia to heatstroke, this also means that he radiates cold the way most living things radiate heat, so standing next to him is like standing in front of an open freezer.
Origin: An avid surfer, Chester left high school and his absentee parents to travel North along the California coast in search of killer waves. It wasn't until he was surfing off the coast of Alaska and his pigments had turned noticeably blue that it occurred to him that he might have superpowers. Using his abilities to avoid heat sensors, he managed to sneak into a corporate lab and steal an experimental flash-freezing device and a prototype hoverboard, then began robbing banks calling himself "Chill."
Destription: Chill has blue skin and spiky white hair, and usually wears nothing but a hemp necklace and a pair of navy blue swim trunks with a white snowflake pattern.
Personality/Motivation: Chill is enthusiastic and cheerful, but tends to be immature and selfish. All he really wants is attention and respect, and he may not be smart enough to fully comprehend the consequences of his criminal actions.

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