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Undertale Thing Undertale Thing

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

That was one of the dumbest things I've ever seen.


...four and a half stars.

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Zelda Milk Zelda Milk

Rated 5 / 5 stars

That is... That is unsettling. That is PROFOUNDLY unsettling.



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Babies Babies

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Health class lied to me!

I've apparently been laboring for quite some time under some SEVERE misconceptions about the formation of babby. It feels good to finally understand exactly how girl get pragnent.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Haters Gonna Hate

I've read a lot of reviews that say this game is impossible, unoriginal, or stupid. Personally, I think these are the people who are angry because they expected a game where you couldn't die would be easy. Yes it is a challenge, yes level 19 is a demon thinly disguised as a level in a flash game, but just because something is hard doesn't mean it's impossible.

Personally, I thought this was a wonderfully original game. After noting the title and "paper cut" description, I had been curious to see how the game would work from this premise, and I was disappointed at first, right up until level 6 blew my effing MIND. I guess people might be calling it unoriginal because it's v a g u e l y reminiscent of portal, but honestly, what puzzle/platform flash game isn't? And as I said, the resemblance is vague at BEST. Personally, I thought it was a great concept that worked well and didn't seem derivative of anything.

But honestly, I think what I like best about the game (and the reason I'm not taking off a point for the frustration of Level 19) is the graphics. With a simple color scheme and pixelated appearance, you did a lot with a little; I particularly liked the gray factory parts in the background and the design of the protagonist, with his pot belly/enormous chin. I was really amazed that you designed and programmed this thing so quickly.

Of course, nothing is all wine and roses. The music was upbeat and catchy, but it was getting tiresome by the end. Even if you had just two songs that cycled back and forth, it would be better than the same thing over and over again. And the glitch with level selection is a real annoyance; I actually played through most of the game again trying to recover my data before I noticed that it fixes itself when you reload the page. And I think enough people have griped about level 19 by now that you must know it's a problem. But, again, you made this in two weeks. This is damned impressive.

Create anything Create anything

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Not Bad!

Not bad; obviously, it will be more fun when the player can create more than just guns, but you've got a lot of great parts to make said guns out of (I particularly like the chainsaw.) One big piece of advice I can give you right now is that the workspace will need to be a lot bigger; right now, it isn't anywhere near long enough to fit an entire gun.

Also, while the interface is easy to use, it could use a little more style. Having a plain background is good for being able to see parts clearly, but rainbow-colored text is a little off-putting when creating an instrument of death, y'know? Ideally, giving the player the option to choose between a few different fonts/colors would be good, but barring that, I think you'd be better off with a more interesting font in good ol' black.

As a side note, if possible, it would be cool if players could somehow save their weapon creations to give as accessories to their characters, and save their characters to put as pilots in their vehicles. That would probably be a lot harder to program, though...

Good start overall! Keep working at it!

ethob121 responds:

Thanks alot my first decent comment so I'll play around with fonts and text coulors the reason I couldn't program things very well is that I am only 12 at this is so far a 1 man game I doplan on making the workspace bigger

Sushi Cat Sushi Cat

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Love the game, 1 little glitch

Fun, adorable, and hilarious! I particularly enjoyed the ¥1 sumo prize.

Just one problem: I've been stuck on level 13 for about 10 minutes now. and by "stuck," I don't mean that I can't beat the level: I mean that my cat appears to be too fat to fit through any gap in order to drop to the bottom. He just keeps on bouncing around.

Anyone else ever have this problem? Or was it just a 1-in-a-million chance that I dropped him at just the wrong time?

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